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Чемпионат золотых рыбок в Китае

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Чемпионат золотых рыбок в Китае

Сообщение  Admin в Вт Ноя 20, 2012 1:26 am

Going for gold(fish): 3,000 owners compete to see who has the fattest, longest pet fish in China

Sara Malm

For goldfish breeders all over the
world, the wait is finally over as the first ever International
Goldfish Championships has begun.
Whilst some goldfish can enjoy the quiet life of a glass bowl, others are bred for competition.
Over 3,000 ornamental fish have been entered in championships to fight for prizes in 12 categories.

Goldfish Olympics: Seemingly endless rows of entrants in the championships are scrutinized by breeders and judges

Superfish: A judge examines one of the flapping entrants in the International Goldfish Championships in Fuzhou yesterday
Some of the more prominent contenders
include a 14.2in long Black lion-head goldfish hoping to swim away with
the crown in the longest goldfish category.

Meanwhile a 3.3lbs streaky sulfur
goldfish, presented by Wang Zhangliang from Zhangzhou, China, competes
in the heaviest goldfish contest.

Goldfish fans from all over China came
to watch the prized specimen show off their swimming skills in rows
upon rows of white bowls.

Stealing the show: The frontrunner for the
longest goldfish category, a 14.2in long Black lion-head goldfish flaps a
pose for the camera

Bowled over: One of the judges walks from
specimen to specimen taking notes for one of the 12 categories as the
fish show off their swimming skills in the white bowls
The judges have begun their
assessments, walking from bowl to bowl, measuring and weighing each
goldfish before crowning the winners.

Preparation for goldfish competitions
is not a game. Goldfish breeders looking for a top placement have to
look after everything from the fish’s diet to water quality, temperature
and PH level to make sure the champions are in perfect condition as
they go before the judges

The competition is held in Fuzhou, capital of southeast China's Fujian province.

Looking for a showflopper: Judges are looking for prime examples of goldfish as they prepare to reward the first ever champions

A golden streak: A 3.3lbs streaky sulfur goldfish has its fins set on becoming the heavyweight champion in the competitionok


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Re: Чемпионат золотых рыбок в Китае

Сообщение  жеniк в Ср Ноя 21, 2012 6:18 am

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